Don’t Fear Your Dreams

Many people turn away from their dreams out of fear disguised as practicality. They believe their talents won’t be good enough to impact the world, so they talk themselves out of their dreams by saying they need to grow up and stop thinking about irresponsible things. Today, we can appreciate the timeless beauty of art […]

A Call To Greatness

“The voice of greatness has called to me, but I’m afraid to answer” I’m betting we have all experienced this at some point in our lives. When that call comes to you, what will your answer be? Will you stay frozen and silent, focused on your fears and imagined short-comings, or will you stand boldly […]

Race Towards Your Dreams

In 1992, at the Olympic games in Barcelona, Dereck Redmon experienced a crushing moment during his race with a debilitating hamstring injury. In most cases, an athelete would accept this as a defeat. Instead, Dereck stood boldly in the face of an immense challenge, and with the support of his father, he finished his race. […]

Overcoming Depression

Let’s start by giving a definition to what I believe depression actually is: Depression is the result of lacking all or part of a belief in any possibility of a new or better future. The greatest struggle most people have with overcoming depression is they don’t believe it can happen for them, and they don’t […]