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After experiencing an epiphany in 2009, John Powell realized he held the power to change the trajectory of his life. My Journey, My Truth is the compelling story of transformation – one man’s remarkable determination to overcome a debilitating and chaotic past. A child who survived unconscionable abuse; a victimized youth engulfed by self-defeating lifestyle patterns and “prescribed” mental health disorders causing him to give up on himself and others. He spiralled into the cold darkness of despair until one day, the only person who would ever believe in him showed up to light his way to empowerment and possibility. That person was John himself.

Discover how John made this extraordinary journey by exploring each of the lessons he learned and put into action to defy the odds and take control of his life by creating his own success formula. Learn how you too can overcome limiting beliefs, insecurities and adversity, step into your personal greatness and live your life of purpose…on purpose because the only guarantees in life are the ones we create for ourselves.