“The voice of greatness has called to me, but I’m afraid to answer”

I’m betting we have all experienced this at some point in our lives. When that call comes to you, what will your answer be? Will you stay frozen and silent, focused on your fears and imagined short-comings, or will you stand boldly with courage and conviction?

Maybe you’re already acting on your dreams, and maybe there are still a few key areas where you need to focus your courage, and stretch beyond your comfort zone! A lot of people fail to act on their dreams out of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure, or rejection. Don’t allow fear to keep you hiding in a corner! People reject things all the time that they can’t afford; you’re greatness is like a priceless diamond! Your value doesn’t diminish just because someone rejects you!

You’ve got to get excited about your dreams. Your excitement, your energy will invite others to be excited too! One of my favorite quotes says:

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. -Marianna Williamson

So, don’t allow anyone’s negative opinions about you define who you can be! It’s your dream! It’s okay if other people can’t see the dream; it’s yours, not theirs!

For most of my life, I allowed the actions and opinions of others to define me as a person. I allowed other people to turn me into a victim of rape, physical, mental, and verbal abuse. I allowed doctors to make me believe I was too damaged with things like anxiety, depression, adhd, and ptsd. Those doctors would tell me I would never live a normal life without any medications. I was so defeated by all these things that I’ve even been homeless!


Let me share this with you, something that I have an incredibly deep appreciation for in my life:

You had a meaningful purpose long before anybody had an opinion of you!

There are all different kinds of pain and fear in life. Everyone experiences these things – some more than others – but everyone experiences them. Having lived through the life I’ve had, the lives I’ve witnessed, and the many people I’ve either coached or counseled, I have come to realize a truth. That it is a beautiful and liberating moment when you begin to understand that the worst days of your life, were actually your best days. That if it wasn’t for all those times you hated most, you would never be the person you are today. You would never have gained the strength and courage it took to get through those times. If it wasn’t for the things you hated most, you would never have the things now that you love the most.
That moment gives you a whole new kind of strength – a whole new kind of determination. You find that your once heavy past is now weightless, and that it even lifts you up and carries you! You begin to appreciate your past, and find yourself able to begin from much more positive places now. This isn’t about positive thinking, it’s about positive living.
You can decide, right now, at this moment, that you’re going to stand up to anything life can throw at you! That your going to have the courage to step into your dreams, and accept nothing less than success! Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s the presence of fear with the willingness to press forward. Have the courage to take the calculated risk! Have the courage to go out and fail or succeed.

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish! Live into your dreams!