In 1992, at the Olympic games in Barcelona, Dereck Redmon experienced a crushing moment during his race with a debilitating hamstring injury. In most cases, an athelete would accept this as a defeat. Instead, Dereck stood boldly in the face of an immense challenge, and with the support of his father, he finished his race.

When running after your dreams, there will be times when you pull or tear a muscle. There will be times when life will knock you down and drag you through the dirt. But the challenge is to HANG ON NO MATTER WHAT! When the money is short and bills are due, when others tell you it’s impossible, when someone makes a promise and they don’t come through, when it seems like the whole world is against you…..HANG ON NO MATTER WHAT!

If you need help, ask for it. And don’t stop asking until you get it.

Get the help you need to make it to that finish line. Even if you have to cross the finish line bleeding and crying, but don’t you dare give up! Get a reward from that pain you’re already in! Because you won’t allow failure to ever be an option.

You are so much more than a statistic. YOU are the determining factor between success and failure. Decide today that your success is your only option!